With an optimized swirl insert, Lechler’s comprehensive range of Axial-flow Full Cone nozzles produce exceptionally uniform liquid distribution across the entire “circular” footprint.

Liquid distribution, spray angles and droplet sizes remain very consistent. Optimized swirl inserts offer larger free passages or cross-sections within the nozzle, this assists in extended maintenance free periods.
The Helix Spiral nozzle also referred to as pigtail nozzle. These nozzles offer wide flow openings and no internal parts, for a particularly clog free operation.

Optimized swirl inserts. Extremely uniform liquid distribution. Extensive flow rate range with a wide variety of spray angle options

FreeFlow Full Cone

Particularly insensitive to clogging thanks to very large free cross sections. Stable spray angle. Uniform spray pattern.

Applications: Gas washing, spraying over packing’s, dust control, absorption and distillation.

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Technical specifications can change without notice.