Lechler’s range of Tank Cleaning nozzles comprise of free-spinning or geared units and traditional static spray balls. Where reliable and/or faster cleaning times are required, our free spinning and geared units provide the solution. Nozzles are “driven” via the cleaning liquid used.

From small containers (e.g. bottles, drums) to larger storage vessels (up to 16m Dia.) Lechler’s range of Tank Cleaning Nozzles are sure to have it covered.

A multitude of spray volumes, spray angles and connection types are available. Many of the nozzles are FDA or 3-A sanitary approved. Several versions have ATEX approval for critical cleaning applications (Chemical Industry etc).


Teflon® Whirly

The Teflon® Whirly works with rotating solid jets and is suitable for use in corrosive environments. The slip-on connection has a 3A® certification and can be used in areas subject to particularly high hygiene requirements, such as contact with food.

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Technical specifications can change without notice.