A wide selection of flow rates, spray angles with various standard materials and connections. Flat fan nozzles produce a high impact, linear spray. These nozzle types are commonly used in cleaning, coating and washing applications.

Special versions for specific industries e.g. MemOspray® or Tongue-types (Automotive Ind.) or descaling – Scalemaster®and Mini Scalemaster® nozzles (Primary Steels).

Series: 652 Belt Lubrication / SS303 Insert

Especially low flow rates. Parabolic liquid distribution. Requires 3/8″ retaining cap nut.

Applications: Belt lubrication, moistening, spraying of food products, moisturization of rollers, oiling, lubrication of metal sheets.

POM body with AISI 303 Stainless Steel insert.

Series 652 Lubrication.pdf


Technical specifications can change without notice.