Pneumatic Atomizer nozzles, also known as twin fluid nozzles, produce an extremely fine atomized spray of fluid with the aid of compressed air. Available in Full Cone & Flat Fan options, liquid can be supplied under (low) pressure, gravity and/or siphon feed. Lechler Pneumatic Atomizers have a variety of standard accessories, such as cleanout or regulating valve (pneumaticly actuated) to intergrated soleniod valves for intermitted spraying operations


Solenoid Version – Flat Fan

Flat fan atomization or fogging with air or gas. Wide variety of spray angles from 20° to 80°.
Pressure principle with internal and external mixing of fluids.

Applications: Humidification of air, cooling.

Flat Fan Solenoid.pdf

Flat Fan Solenoid.pdf

Technical specifications can change without notice.